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Janeane Garofalo and the Journolist Gang

Posted on July 23 2010 9:00 am
I live in Illinois, which is like living in a gulag for conservatives. A little over a year ago, I confronted CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, for unfairly reporting the Chicago Tea Party protest. I continue to detest the corrupt media.
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I’m giddy about the Journolist expose. Of course we all knew liberal journalists were cooking the books, but having the proof is such sweet victory for conservatives. In fact, I’m thinking about building a mosque in front of the New York Times as a symbol of our victory.

I recall the first time I heard someone accuse the Tea Party of being racist. It was Janeane Garofalo. She was talking to Keith Olbermann right after the first major Tea Party protest on April 15th, 2009. She said the Tea Party followers were all “racist teabagging rednecks,” or something vulgar like that.

Garofalo on Olbermann’s Countdown

Obviously, the Journolist gang spread their seed beyond journalists, and into the D list Hollywood realm in order to get a little more bang for their buck. After Garofalo went on her rant in 2009, the other D listers followed her example. I won’t name them all because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but suffice it to say it was every single Hollywood liberal who needed a job.

The idiocy of the racist name calling against the Tea Party has always been obvious. The Tea Party doesn’t care what race their followers are, and in fact, welcomes anyone who wants smaller government, lower taxes, and less government spending. The more followers they have, the better it is for their agenda. The Tea Party believes that if their tenets are followed everyone will be better off in this country, especially minorities. But on the contrary, it is the liberals who need to keep racial division and victimhood alive and kicking. Without that division their agenda fails. Without victims they lose votes.

What would Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, ACORN, the New Black Panthers, the SEIU, and community organizers everywhere do if everyone pulled together regardless of color? The race baiters would be out of jobs, out of grant money, out of entitlements, out of donations and dues, and most importantly, out of power. So it is not in the interest of the Tea Party to be racist, but it is definitely in the interest of leftists to convince the country that we are all racists.

The Journolist gang still hasn’t shown proof that anyone said the “N” word on that Sunday protest of the healthcare bill, and they still haven’t shown proof that anyone was spat upon. And they will never get that proof, because it never happened. They won’t admit that Tea Party followers don’t bring racist signs or Obama/Hitler signs to protests, but rather, the far-left cult followers of Lyndon La Rouche do that. Can we expect the Journolist gang and their Hollywood D listers to tell the truth now that their corrupt tactics have been revealed? I don‘t think so.

We still have people like Kirsten Powers arrogantly insisting that conservatives push the “scary black man” narrative, and that the media doesn’t cover anti-Obama and anti-liberal stories because they’re not really news. In the meantime, Garofalo and her D list pals, Kirsten Powers, and the Journolist gang have sabotaged their own hand-picked-post-racial President by turning his racial harmony message into a cruel joke, while further dividing the country with made up grievances. What an irony. The first African American president and his supporters have done more damage to race relations in America than anyone could have imagined.

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