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Saudi Scholars Debate Whether You Get It On With Virgins in Heaven

Posted on July 22 2010 11:00 am
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I never quite grasped the concept of why it was worth killing innocent people to have sex with virgins. You’d think if a terrorist was going to die in combat for sex they’d at least demand a girl that had some experience on her resume.

This appears to be a pretty hot topic in the Muslim world. The Middle East Media Research Institute reports how Saudi scholars are debating whether the virgins in heaven are for sexual pleasure. This has long been a major recruitment device for terrorists, taking advantage of the raging hormones of the male youth.

One Saudi cleric was on television discussing the issue awhile ago. You can actually feel his sex drive get revved up as he talks about the virgins. They have the strength of 100 men in eating, drinking and sex he says. They also do not have phlegm, feces, urine, or menstrual cycles. That sounds good, but if I’m going to kill myself to sleep with a babe in heaven, I’d prefer if she wasn’t a drunk virgin that eats all the time.

I’ve long been fascinated how these sex-obsessed jihadists want to destroy us for our sex-obsessed culture, but it actually makes sense. Every time a lustful thought enters the mind, the potential terrorist feels ashamed. Every time he checks out a girl, he’s reduced his possibility of getting into heaven. And there’s no release. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden, and when I heard Tawfik Hamid speak at a conference a few years ago, he said even masturbation is frowned upon.

So what happens? You have youth that want to have sex really, really badly and every time they feel that urge, they feel guilty. And the consequence of this transgression is huge: Distance from Allah and potentially an eternity in hell. There is no firm salvation except for martyrdom, which explains the temptation to go to extreme lengths to ensure passage into heaven.

The lust, or any other moral failing, isn’t coming from Allah—so where’s this influence coming from? It must be from exposure to the non-Muslims or sinful Muslims (especially women). The anger at their own failures is then placed upon the sinful nature of those outside of their faith. Of course, the phenomenon of terrorism and Radical Islam is more complex than this, but the truth is that the male sex drive and the overall struggle with sin is a part of the source.

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