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The Racism Meme: A Tale Of Two Different Progressive Media Standards

While the Daily Caller story showing a deliberately perpetuated racism meme created and spread by “progressive” journalists belonging to a listserv called “Journolist” is spreading like wildfire throughout the media and blogosphere, actual racism from a member of the Brown Berets, is completely ignored – by traditional media at least.

July 2010, a video hit the internet¬† showing members of the Brown Berets, a Chicano nationalist activist group, confronting a group of people in a protest in Anaheim, California against illegal immigration, with one Brown Beret member screaming over a bullhorn, “You are too white to be American, go home to Europe! You don’t belong here, this is Mexican land!”

Video below: (Brown Beret members appear starting at approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds into the video)

This video was shown on blogs, namely Gateway Pundit and the P/Oed Patriot, but as I write this on the morning of July 20, 2010, Google News only shows one listing for the story and that is, you guessed it, another blog.

The comparison of the two separate yet linked stories is astounding.

On one side of the coin, Progressive journalists, belonging to the “Journolist” email list conspired¬†to create a racism meme accusing anyone discussing Barack Obama’s former Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s racial comments, of being racist themselves. This in an attempt to distract the public’s attention from the issue at hand. The now infamous Daily Caller documents show that they did this deliberately and despite the fact that Barack Obama himself, called Wright a “legitimate political issue“.

The other side of the coin is that¬†journalists today have video of a member of the Brown Berets (shown above) screaming at the top of her lungs that illegal immigrant protesters are “too white to be in America, “telling them to “go back to Germany,” stating that “America belongs to Mexico”, etc… Yet, the same progressive pundits that discussed at such length how to “deflect attention” by faking a racism meme, are oddly silent when true racism hits the Internet.

Goes to show that today’s leftist journalists and/or mainstream media bloggers – those that scream “RAAAAAACIST!” whenever someone dares criticize Obama’s policies – would not recognize true racism and report on it if it knocked them on the head and introduced itself. That, or they simply don’t truly care about racism, of course.

Susan Duclos Owns Wake up America blog.

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