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NOW VP To Sarah Palin and Conservative Women: Stop Being So Empowered, Darn It!

Posted on July 21 2010 4:00 pm
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The femisogynists just cannot let Sarah Palin go. Ever since she came out of the closet as a feminist, their heads haven’t stopped exploding. When you add in the number of strong, successful, conservative female politicians who have emerged in the past year, it’s no wonder that the fascist feminists have been going through a major identity crisis. The Sarah Palin feminist story is actually pretty old news, but the feminist left just can’t stop bringing it up. The latest to join in on the cacophony of complaints is the executive vice president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), Bonnie Grabenhofer. The problem? All these gosh-darned conservative women, led by that dastardly Sarah Palin, just don’t realize that they’re victims and slaves to their reproductive rights. How dare a woman think she paved the road to her own success and be pro-life??

Grabenhofer starts with the trite and beaten-to-death meme that Sarah Palin is not a feminist.

NOW executive vice-president, Bonnie Grabenhofer, told The Daily Caller that to her, “feminism is a social justice movement aimed at getting social, political, and economic equality for women. We work for the advancement of women on multiple fronts.”

… According to Grabenhofer, Palin doesn’t qualify as a feminist.

“I do not consider Sarah Palin to be a feminist,” she said. “She has benefitted from the work of feminists but she has not worked to advance the rights of women. She works against the progressive ideas meant to help.”

What, exactly, disqualifies Sarah Palin from being considered a feminist? She’s a self-made women with an impressive career. For those unfamiliar with Palin’s career pre-politics, she first worked as a sports reporter; after marrying her husband, Todd Palin, she worked with him in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. She got into politics pretty much at the lowest possible level: at the PTA. She then ran for a seat on the Wasilla city council, eventually moving on to become the mayor, and then governor of Alaska. The rest is history. She was forced to step down as governor, but her career has been far from over. She’s now a bestselling author with an upcoming second book to be released later this year, a Fox News contributor, and a public speaker. She’s the clear breadwinner of her family, but by all accounts seems to have a happy, healthy marriage with her hunk of a husband, Todd. They have five beautiful children together. One would think this would be the perfect definition of what a feminist is. But, of course, there’s a litmus test that you have to pass in order to join the Fascist Feminist Club, and Sarah Palin failed. It doesn’t matter how self-sufficient she is, or how equal a partnership she has with her husband, or how hard she worked to forge herself a spot in the boys’ club of politics. Because she’s pro-life, she can’t be considered a feminist.

Grabenhofer continued, saying that in order to be a feminist, a woman must support abortion rights.

“If you cannot control your reproductive rights, you cannot fully participate in society,” she explained.

Abortion is the end-all, be-all for the femisogynists. It is the sacred cow of their movement. If you don’t support abortion, then you aren’t a real woman. Not only are you not a real woman, but you are anti-woman, and an anti-feminist. There’s no room for dissent in today’s extremist feminist movement. But there’s a slight problem with their orthodoxy. Grabenhofer’s argument, that if you cannot control your “reproductive rights,” you cannot participate fully in society insinuates that a pregnant woman is not capable of participating fully in society, thus the need for abortions.

Isn’t that a little insulting to all mothers, everywhere?

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