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The War Over Inception

Posted on July 20 2010 11:41 am
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by Allen Barra

Is Christopher Nolan’s Inception a masterpiece, drivel, too confusing? Does the ending make sense? Critics are divided, and audiences are fighting. Many spoilers within!

Christopher Nolan’s Inception, a daring $160 million, 2½-hour project that’s not a sequel or based on a graphic novel or videogame, ends on a joke: A little spinning top that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dom Cobb, a master dream thief, has chosen for his “totem”—i.e., a personal object that connects him to reality—is left spinning on a table. Earlier in the film we’re told that if the top keeps spinning, it means the subject is still in a dream; if it stops, it’s real life. As Cobb goes to embrace his children, something he’s yearned for the entire movie, the top begins to falter. Then the screen goes black. The last piece of the puzzle is left for the viewer to fill in for himself.

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