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The Racism Race

Posted on July 20 2010 5:15 pm
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by Caleb Howe

Let’s write a script for a Lifetime movie. Set it in the 80s. The main character is older. He’s white. Heavy-set. Glasses. Balding. Sweaty. You know the sort. What Winston Churchill would look like if he were raised in a shack on a farm out west during the Dust Bowl era. You know .. a redneck. Lets call him Bob.

Bob works for an insurance company. It’s his job to process claims. By his word, people receive care, or do not. Bob is efficient. He’s skeptical. Oh, and he’s a racist. Bob comes up against a claim from a poor black family in, oh I don’t know, let’s say Georgia. He drags his feet. He does the least he can do. He tries to pawn the family off on a black co-worker. But over the course of the film, he gets to know them. He starts fighting for them. In the climax, he throws a tantrum and makes a huge speech about how he was wrong, and this family is worth fighting for. Everybody cries. Eventually he’s playing baseball with the formerly death-bed-ridden now healthy again thanks to Bob 12 year old kid at the family’s Fourth of July picnic. Uplifting, right? Touching even. Good old Bob.

Now imagine the only part of Bob’s story that Lifetime airs is up to where he tries to pawn the family off on a black coworker. That’s it. End of movie. Well no more good old Bob eh? He’d be bad Bob. Bob the racist.

Read the whole thing at RedState.

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