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Philly’s Mayor Will Keep On Protecting Illegals

Posted on July 20 2010 4:00 pm
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As a follow-up to my last post regarding one of Obama’s flunkies, Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia, the announcement came on July 16 that the city’s PARS(Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System) will remain in effect. The U.S. Immigration Custom and Enforcement Agency(ICE) will be able to check the immigration status of criminals. But Nutter made clear that he only signed off on the agreement on the condition that witnesses and victims who are here illegally have the full protection of any legal citizen once they come forward.

The last time I checked entering the United States without papers is a felony.

Nutter cannot just choose to ignore any part of a statute he deems unjust.  He is a local official sworn to uphold the law and to defend the Constitution. Anything less is a breach of oath and a dereliction of duty. According to U.S. Code Title and Chapter 12 Sec Chapter 11 Part VIII Section 1324 of federal law if he knowingly looks the other way then he himself is aiding and abetting a criminal and committing a felony.

If his promise to protect illegals isn’t bad enough he takes a shot at the Tea Party in his Friday announcement in a statement that sounds like it’s been written by the leaders of the NAACP :

But let’s not fall into the trap set by the Tea Party and others who would tell you that every single undocumented individual is a drug smuggler, a terrorist or a threat to the American way of life. That is simply not true.

No, Mr. Nutter, not all illegal aliens are drug smugglers, terrorists or threats but they are breaking the law.

At the end of the speech Nutter predictably calls for a “comprehensive immigration overhaul” – the standard Leftist euphemism for granting amnesty to 11 million illegals in a country already facing financial ruin and massive unemployment. As a part of immigration reform we need to protect and to serve the legal citizens who earned the right to be here and who followed the lawful path to citizenship.

Failing to uphold existing federal law is the real trap – it weakens our nation’s sovereignty and sets us on a dangerous path toward legal relativism.

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