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Oliver Stone Says U.S. Foreign Policy is Racist

Posted on July 20 2010 5:00 pm
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“It’s the same story in Afghanistan, Iraq and South America. It’s white people meeting people who they think they are better than.”

That’s Oliver Stone discussing U.S. foreign policy. Pardon me while I go scream into a bag while punching my pillow. It just doesn’t get dumber than this. Stone may not realize it, but Barack Obama is black, not white. The Commander-in-Chief leading the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t pursue a policy based on “white people meeting people who they think they are better than” because he isn’t white.

Aside from that, that statement really offends me. The war in Afghanistan was launched because of a little something called 9/11, and the war in Iraq began because of an understandable fear that Saddam Hussein would cause another 9/11 or a similar calamity. Stone may just be referring to efforts to help keep those countries from falling into the hands of Islamic extremists by turning them into democracies, but no American soldier forced an Iraqi or Afghan to vote. They were not forced to make political parties, join security forces, start newspapers, or anything else to bring about a democracy.

The entire war effort is based upon giving them the opportunity to create their own democracy if they so choose, and helping those that take the opportunity. This isn’t because we feel we’re better than them—it’s because we think of them as equals who deserve better than the alternative, which is Islamic theocracy, dictatorship, and endless misery. The ones who think less of the Afghans and Iraqis are those who think they don’t desire the same freedoms every other type of person has wanted in the past. That somehow they want violence and tyranny and no representation in government.

But I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a guy who says that he thinks he lost his sunglasses and continues to search for them as he has one pair around his neck, one pair on his head, and an assistant trying to tell him that they are right there.

The assistant leaves the room for two minutes when he tells her to go find them, only to return to an Oliver Stone proclaiming that his sunglasses weren’t lost as she says, “I told you so” and he responds, “Did you? Jesus! What, now I can’t even hear?”  I’m not making this up! Read the article. Talk about a guy who jumps to conclusions.

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