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9/11 Families: No Mosque on Our Sacred Ground

Posted on July 19 2010 8:00 am
Elise Cooper is a freelance author focusing on the conservative point of view on issues involving national and homeland security. Her articles have been published by various conservative blogs, magazines and Republican newsletters.

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There continues to be controversy about the 13-story Mega Mosque to be built in New York City approximately two blocks from Ground Zero, the site of where the World Trade Center used to stand before it was ruthlessly destroyed by Muslim terrorists. Because 3000 people died on September 11th, 2001 at the hands of the Islamic extremists Ground Zero is now considered a cemetery and sacred ground. The Mosque will be called the Cordoba House and will include a community center.

NewsRealBlog interviewed a cross section of family members and friends to hear their views on the plan to build the mega mosque.

Debra Burlingame is the sister of Charles “Chic” Burlingame III, the pilot of the American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. She is a prominent spokesperson for the 9/11 families and a co-founder of Keep America Safe, a website that believes in taking the fight to the terrorists, with Liz Cheney and William Kristol.

Gordon Haberman is father of Andrea who arrived in New York on September 10th for her first business meeting outside of Wisconsin, where she lived. The business meeting took place at the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th. He is a board member of the National Air Disaster Alliance and Foundation.

Alice Hoagland is the mother of Mark Bingham. Mark, along with his fellow passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, tried to retake the cockpit from the terrorists who had murdered the pilots and were careening toward Washington., D.C. Alice helped to found Team Bingham, a nonprofit organization that assists with university tuition and expenses.

Joe Holland is the father of Joseph Holland. Joseph was 32 years old, married, and a new father of ten days. He was attending a meeting on the 92nd floor of the WTC on 9/11/01. Joe has established a memorial in Florida for the 2,983 victims of September 11.

Joseph Salama was Mark Bingham’s good friend and UC Berkeley fraternity brother. Mark was to be an usher in Joseph’s wedding on 9-11-2001. Joseph is a practicing Muslim who believes that “we will and must always celebrate life and freedom, and that good will triumph over evil.”

NewsRealBlog: Why do you think the Mosque/community center is being built?

Debra Burlingame: I am appalled the 9/11 attack, the death of my fellow human beings, is being used to further an all encompassing ideology; sharia law does not allow Islam to be a co-equal with any other religion. It must be the dominant religion. Remember that people who killed my brother believed in that ideology as well.

Gordon Haberman: It is a statement. Islam is trying to dominate and expand. This has to be one of the biggest Mosques-why are they building it in the shadow of the Towers?

NRB: Why are you against it being built?

Burlingame: This is an unbelievable lack of respect for the 9/11 families. There should be an awareness that the people who killed our loved ones will celebrate, propagandize, and view what is being done, what is being built as a triumph to their victory over the infidels on 9/11. These extremists have a history of building Mosques on top of conquest.

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