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NewsReal Sunday: The Left Calls Glenn Beck an Anti-Semite

Posted on July 18 2010 10:00 am
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Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors have nothing on Glenn Beck.  How  many varieties of attack will we see thrown at Beck during the course of his career?  How many types of accusations will have to be responded to?  He’s been called a fool, a racist, anti-Christian, unethical, and now an anti-Semite.  In the Left’s relentless pursuit to bring down Beck, they hope they found the silver bullet by making him a Jew hater.

In the past few days multiple blogs and news outlets have attempted to paint comments made by Beck as anti-Semitic.  Everyone from the Huffington Post to Olbermann to Time Magazine are pointing the finger of Hebrew hatred.  And of course not one single media outlet is giving Beck’s response to the criticism.

Here is what Beck said last Tuesday on his Fox News program:

“This is kind of complex, because Jesus did identify with the victims. But Jesus was not a victim. He was a conqueror…Jesus conquered death. He wasn’t victimized. He chose to give his life….If he was a victim, and this theology was true, then Jesus would’ve come back from the dead and made the Jews pay for what they did. That’s an abomination.” – Glenn Beck

The comment was made during a long monologue about religion.  Beck was making an argument against victim mentality.  He was pointing out that Jesus’ death wasn’t about being a victim but about being a victor.  If Jesus would have been a victim then He would have wanted revenge on the Jewish religious leaders in Jerusalem who wanted the Roman authorities to crucify Him.

Now did Beck spell out his meaning clearly enough?  Probably not.  He simply said that Jesus would want to make “the Jews pay for what they did.”  Could he have said that a better way?  Yes.  Is he anti-Jewish?  Of course not, but since Beck worded it that way, according to the Left, he’s an anti-Semite similar to Nazis.

Keith Olbermann relentlessly attacked Beck on Countdown, calling him “anti-Semitic” and comparing him to Mel Gibson.  Salon said Beck should either resign or be fired as it compared Beck to anti-Jewish passion plays of the Medieval era, Nazis, and Mel Gibson (I guess Mel Gibson = Hitler now).

Time magazine inferred Beck was a heretic in their online article. Others were even more vicious and personal in their attacks.

“As we all know, Glenn Beck is the Republican’s version of the Pillsbury dough boy, who usually manages to mix hatred into his daily messages whilst shilling for gold…That’s what Glenn Beck is. A giant troll, being paid by Rupert Murdoch. He’s what every angry, racist internet commentator tries to be. So kudos to you, Glenn Beck.” –

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