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Movie to Mud Margaret Thatcher. The Usual Propaganda or Something Worse?

Posted on July 18 2010 11:00 am

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Movie to Mud Margarette Thatcher

The left‘s smear machine is winding up for another mud flinging character attack. The proposed target is the unlikely and much admired figure of Margaret Thatcher. And this time it is to take the form of an art-house style draahma film.

What could possibly be the point? The benign Lady Margaret is hardly a controversial figure these days. So why suddenly this war on her?

I believe it serves both as political propaganda and as part of the continuing artistic attack on the heroic sensibilities that underlie our culture.

In most serious modern dramas the hero comes to a bad end — even a lot of our “action” stories. Our heroes are deeply flawed. Nobody lives happily ever after. It goes well beyond the demands of artistic realism. Our movie makers seem to think that their job is to keep our hopes and ideals in check.

Here we have a case where the heroine was not deeply flawed enough for the movie maker’s purpose, so they invented their own feet of clay to add to the figure.

The Telegraph tells us that:

“Although the prospect of Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher may have pleased some admirers of the Conservative former prime minister, her children have been horrified to discover more about the film.

Mandrake hears that the screenplay of The Iron Lady depicts Baroness Thatcher as an elderly dementia-sufferer looking back on her career with sadness. She is shown talking to herself and unaware that her husband, Sir Denis Thatcher, has died.

“Sir Mark and Carol are appalled at what they have learnt about the film,” says a friend of the family. “They think it sounds like some Left-wing fantasy.” …

We are told by the production house that:

“Although fictional, it will be fair and accurate.”

Am I the only one to whom the above doesn’t make sense – at all? Is this a movie equivalent of the Dan Rather scandal?

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