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NYU Decides Not to Include Perverted Videos by “Artist” Larry Rivers in its Archive

Posted on July 18 2010 1:00 pm
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Forget the supposed “art” part of this whole sickening escapade. If it took “talent” to cobble together the above “portrait” of George McGovern, then I am just about as stupid as they come – because I don’t see it. My kids used to make collages like this out of Elmer’s Glue and Popsicle sticks when they were in the second grade – and theirs were better!

No, the real sad part of this story isn’t even why New York University would waste money purchasing an archive from someone as bereft of talent as the late Larry Rivers – after all, as a private institution, NYU is free to allocate funds as it sees fit.

The big issue for me is that someone in a decision making capacity there would even consider honoring someone who thought it was OK to take creepy videos of his own daughters and then pass them off as an exercise in “creativity”  – even though the university did the right thing in not including those videos in the archive it recently purchased of Rivers’ “works.”In the July 16th University Doesn’t Want Film of Artist’s Children article in The New York Times, author Kate Taylor discloses that the tortured (and probably misunderstood) genius Mr. Rivers took films and videos of his daughters in various stages of undress during their most awkward and vulnerable years – and then made sure to make it worse by asking them questions that no father has the right to ask of his female children – ever!

“Mr. Rivers filmed his daughters at six-month intervals, beginning when each was about 11, from 1976 to 1981, for a series that he titled ‘Growing.’ He filmed them either naked or topless and made comments and asked questions about their changing bodies, particularly their breasts. Ms. Tamburlini (Emma, Rivers’ younger girl) has said that she felt very uncomfortable about being filmed and that it contributed to her becoming anorexic as a teenager.”

Really? Aww, c’mon! That’s like saying Woody Allen didn’t have the right to marry his daughter, Soon-Yi Previn! Why are Americans so hidebound and stuffy, anyway? It’s only natural to want to express your sexuality in such unique and interesting ways – isn’t it?

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