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Genocidal, Anti-Semitic, Ron Paul Supporter Comment of the Day

Posted on July 18 2010 2:00 pm
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The Jew: Warmonger, War-Prolonger (Nazi Propaganda)

The following appeared on Elena Ives’ post, “America’s Sweetheart Meg Ryan: Anti-Semite or Useful Idiot?” from someone calling himself “Georgann Marks.” A quick search of his name turns up a wealth of disgusting, psychotic Jew-hate, some of which is much worse than what was submitted here.

And what a surprise! He apparently “loves” and contributes to Ron Paul! Why does this association prove true time and time again? Enjoy:

Hooray for Ms Ryan. If only more of Hollywood’s useful goy had more starch.

The world is sick of Jews and their claims of victimhood – even as gentiles face dual standards in every endeavor where Jews hold the reins of power.

thank you Ms Ryan — and thank you Hamas and Hezbollah for your contribution to stopping these monsters.

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