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America’s Sweetheart Meg Ryan: Anti-Semite or Useful Idiot?

Posted on July 18 2010 8:00 am
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Meg Ryan’s decision not to grace the Jerusalem Film Festival with her presence this month had a double effect: It registered her disapproval toward the Israelis for thwarting Hamas’ efforts to kill them, and secured her position in the ever-growing club of self-satisfied Western artists making asses of themselves. And I would wager nobody is laughing harder than black-hooded anti-Semites worldwide.

Ryan reneged on her commitment to appear at the festival last May after Israeli Commandos were ambushed on a sham “Freedom Flotilla” ship by Turkish terrorists concealing mayhem under a thin veil of phony altruism.

Ryan’s action signaled her disapproval of the Gaza blockade, despite considerable evidence that food and aid flow freely into the area by ground, and the sea blockade only filters out the supplies needed to advance Hamas’ single-minded obsession of murdering Jews.

Just ask this Good Samaritan who I’m sure found time between building soup kitchens and Haitian earthquake relief to join up with the Trojan Horse “Freedom Flotilla.”

Our hatred for these people is so intense that we wished, at those moments, that we could have been bombs, and blow up among those brothers of apes and pigs. […]

If we want to profit from what happened, we must mobilize the Islamic peoples and the Arab nation, because the Palestinian cause is a purely Islamic religious issue. If Palestine is liberated, the whole world will change. We do not want a national Palestinian state or borders. We want Palestine in its entirety.

Incredibly, in spite of this evidence, Ryan and others still condemn Israel for their vigilance in filtering out “humanitarian” care packages of the sort that tend to turn up blackened and burning in Jewish school yards and population centers.

One can only speculate where she will focus her considerable insight, discernment, and moral clarity next. The Rebel Alliance’s apartheid-like aggression against the Darth Vader and the Evil Empire? Little Red Riding Hood for hate-spewing wolf-ism? Nonwatchers of Countdown with Keith Olbermann for pompous jerkaphobia?

It’s hard to believe that behind such dimply cuteness is a woman who sides with a demented death cult that plots day and night to crush, burn, and blow apart as many Jewish babies possible. I couldn’t be more surprised if secret photos had emerged of Shirley Temple performing Good Ship Lollipop for Adolf and Eva at Eagle’s Nest.

Yet Ryan did email her snub to the Israeli cultural community on the day after the IDF was ambushed at sea by those club-wielding terrorists in Mother Theresa clothing, so I’m going to go with my first hunch, pathetic as it is — the propagandists at Free Qassams  for Gaza and the U.S. Campaign to Help Bloodthirsty Theocrats Stamp Out Israel have been putting ideas into her pretty little head.

That’s fine. Ryan is free to sit the festival out in her comfortable bomb and rocket-free world and pout disapprovingly at the measures Israel must take to ward off a second Holocaust and prevent the spread of Sharia Law all the way to the Jordan River. Because, unlike those who live under the thumb of Israel’s enemies, she is entitled to her own values and opinions.

It’s just sad.

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