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It’s like a scene out of the movies: The left often fails to acknowledge the source of innovation

Posted on July 17 2010 1:00 pm
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After having watched the movie Inception last night, I can honestly say: It was every bit as fantastic as I expected. Without spoiling too much — I doubt I’m revealing any more than the trailer does — a device was invented that allows for people to create and enter dreams together. Other than implying that Michael Caine may or may not have invented the device, little emphasis is placed on the fact that it had to come from somewhere.

I give Inception a pass for not explaining this because, well, it’s a movie. It’s a snapshot of an alternate reality. Unfortunately, many on the left take this same attitude in reality. They seldom bother to ask where innovation comes from or how they can encourage it. The academic left, in particular, is guilty of this more than the average citizen is.

When you look at just about any part of Pres. Obama‘s agenda, you can pretty quickly gather that he’s not overly focused on figuring out how to support the innovators in our country, the people who really drive economic growth.

Network neutrality is a prime example of where the left simply doesn’t get it. Groups like Free Press and Color of Change (a group founded by everyone’s favorite former green czar, Van Jones) advocate Network Neutrality, but why? The whole idea behind it is supposedly to prevent internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites. Do they really think that the government will do a better job? Do they really think that allowing the government to control the internet is the best way to protect First Amendment rights?

Of course they don’t. At the end of the day, it’s all about increasing regulation, not innovation. While the right is guilty of this occasionally too, it’s clear that it’s mostly people on the left side of the aisle who are arrogant enough to think that they can legislate problems away. They fail to realize that legislation often does the exact opposite: the problems stay around, but the people who may have given us new ideas and new products? They’re too discouraged by — or maybe even outright prevented from — being able to use and exploit their creativity.

The left simply doesn’t get that. They think that our world (reality) works similar to the the world of movies: products appear when they’re needed and there’s no effort required to make them. You can simply write them into existence, just as if you writing a screenplay. They never bother to connect the dots: When something requires effort and resources to be made, and you make it harder for people to have access to both of those things when they need them, it’s less likely that whatever it is will come into existence.

It’s sad that the left discourages innovation so much without even realizing it. If they’d stop just for a minute or two and thought about what they were doing, they might be a little more cautious before they vote for some new piece of regulation.

Joshua Madden is a student at Kansas State University where he is currently writing his second novel and trying to find an agent and/or publisher for his first one. You can follow him on Twitter at and he promises he won’t spam you like Diddy does.

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