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Has Obama (of all Presidents) Finally Silenced the Rap Industry?

Posted on July 17 2010 10:00 pm

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Rappers in 2010 don’t know what the ‘F’ to do. They are being let down by the first president they actually went to the voting polls for, and they are speechless. In fact, their silence is consent. Isn’t it great to know that of all presidents, Obama is the one who finally shut these foul-mouthed-usually-criminals the hell up! Ha! Gotta love that!

Sometimes (OK – most of the time), I just can’t help wishing that musicians would shut up about politics. Either they stand blindly behind a disaster like Obama (Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffet, and way too many others) out of sheer determination that what they believe can never be wrong, or else they blather on about topics of which they have no understanding. The worst, of course, is when you are stuck in the audience and some rock star rambles on while you are forced to listen as a member of a captive audience. The latest “shut-up-and-sing-already” moment comes from controversial rapper/rude girl M.I.A.

If, according to Kanye West, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” then according to M.I.A., Barack Obama has forgotten black people even exist. But rather than actually criticize the disaster of a president, she stays away from accusing him of being a total failure. When Obama won the Nobel Prize, M.I.A. tweeted that he should give it back, like John Lennon did. But that’s been the extent of her reality check on the president she had so much faith in once upon a time. By the way, she’s not even American, so she should just get over it and focus on fixing the rest of the depressing world.

This on camera interview illustrates just what is meant when people say that the answers you get depend upon the questions you ask. Before I go off on what an indifferent, ill-informed political activist M.I.A. is, let me just say that the West-Coast Hip Hop expert (DJ Skee) who interviews her kind of takes the lead in the race to see who is slowest between the two.

For the record, the interview was held at Skee.TV. Their website claims that Skee.TV is “the premier lifestyle content platform and production company in the market.” Content? Good one, DJ Skee. I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN replaced Larry King with this genius.

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