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Beavis and Butthead to Return: Will They Mock Islam?

Posted on July 17 2010 8:00 am
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The best news of the week has broken: Beavis and Butthead is coming back to MTV! This brings back great childhood memories for me of putting my shirt over my head and acting like Cornholio in 4th grade and people being horrified that I was allowed to watch it.

When almost all of the episodes came out on DVD, I immediately bought them. And when I watched them I realized something: They weren’t as funny as they used to be. What used to be edgy has become mainstream and is far from provocative. When the show comes back, they are going to have to really kick up a few notches, especially with South Park and Family Guy around. But how brave will MTV be? Will they mock radical Islam?

I distinctly remember a corny evangelist appearing with a sock puppet named Socko who makes jokes that predictably fall flat. They’ve had no problem making fun of goofy Christians—but will they give similar treatment to extremist Muslims?

Beavis and Butthead has battled with political correctness before. Beavis often would see fire and with eyes wide open and visible excitement, would scream “FIRE! FIRE! FIIIIRREE!” When some idiot kids started a fire and it was blamed on the show, Beavis stopped saying it but rebelliously screamed, “FRYER! FRYER! FRRRRYYYEEERR!” in the fast food restaurant they worked in during one episode.

In order to have any chance of success, the new Beavis and Butthead is going to have to come out swinging. The bar is going to be high. Will they have the cojones to make jokes about radical Muslims or will they beat a dead horse by picking on corny Christians who they know won’t cause them any trouble?

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