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Protecting Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and the Tea Parties from the Siren Song of the Left-Right Alliance

Posted on July 16 2010 6:30 pm
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Dear Ron,

I appreciated your most recent Pajamas Media article, The Dangers of a New Left-Right Alliance. These sentiments of yours in particular seemed right on the money:

The reason such a development is dangerous? Go back and ask yourselsf what would have happened had the Taftites and the Old Right won over the Eisenhower center-right coalition. The answer is simple. The United States would have not helped create NATO; the Marshall Plan might have been defeated; and with the support of the pro-Communist Left, Joe Stalin and his minions would have had an American government willing to follow a policy of appeasement that would have allowed Stalin to take over not just Eastern Europe, but countries like France and Italy as well. Now the new neo-isolationists are promoting a policy that stands at odds with that which under Truman, Eisenhower, and later Ronald Reagan won the Cold War. It also opposes the steps taken by George W. Bush during his administration to fight radical Islam and the War on Terror.

This return to isolationist prescriptions once again echoes the views and outlook of those on the political anti-war Left. As I wrote in my old Boston Globe article, the Buchananites promise to “champion a number of causes that also find support on the political left: protectionism to keep workers’ wages high in America, opposition to globalism (‘we will point to the pitfalls of the global free trade economy;); and the struggle against ‘global hegemony.’ Noam Chomsky probably would not put it differently.” And that is why when readers picks up The American Conservative, they might be excused for wondering if they had accidentally picked up The Nation.

But the question that I come to is this: what’s to be done to stop the rise of the New Isolationists?

My answer: do not allow them to gain any further footholds within the four symbols of today’s conservative movement — Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and the Tea Party Movement. So goes these four entities, so goes the course of Conservatism for the next few years. Our views about the primacy of the war with Islamic Nazism need to be properly communicated to all of them. And we in turn must defend them from the Left’s — and the pseudo-Right’s — radical assaults.

(As noted in previous posts here at NRB the Tea Party is basically limiting itself to being a small government movement. It does not take positions on social and foreign policy issues. That’s fine — provided its does not seek to take its cleaver to defense expenditures.)

What do you think, Ron? Do you see a more effective path to make sure the Conservative movement does not lose its foreign policy footing?

Warmest regards,


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