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Pentagon Admits that Secret Sex Survey Is Designed to Facilitate Openly Gay Service

Posted on July 16 2010 11:00 am
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Even though we live in a democracy in which the people are supposed to rule, the Pentagon refuses to release the contents of a much-publicized survey about openly gay military service. However, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Pentagon spokesmen Geoff Morrell, and at least one gay activist group all admit that the survey is designed to facilitate open homosexuality within the ranks.

“I strongly encourage gays and lesbians who are in the military to fill out these forms,” said Defense Secretary Robert Gates during a July 8 press briefing. “We’ve organized this in a way to protect their privacy and the confidentiality of their responses through a third party, and it’s important that we hear from them [lesbians and homosexuals]…”

“Obviously, we did not intend for this survey to be shared in such a public fashion,” added Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell during a separate July 9 press briefing.

The intent of the survey is not in any way to conduct a referendum on whether or not there should be a repeal “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.”  That is not the mandate of the working group. The working group has been tasked with discerning the — how you go about implementing a repeal, when it were to — it were to — take place.

In fact, Gates already has informed Congress that the Pentagon intends to mandate openly gay military service. Indeed, “the question before us is notwhether the military prepares to make this change, but how we best prepare for it,” Gates told Congress last February.

Gay activist groups publicly say they are worried that the survey may be unintentionally biased and serve to invite negative responses. However, one prominent gay activist group, the Palm Center, admits that the survey is an integral part of ending the compromise “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which allows gay men and women to serve, albeit discreetly, not openly.

The Palm Center should know. It actually has obtained a copy of the survey — all 103 questions — which it has posted to its website. Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis reviewed the survey for Human Events:

The questions are stated in such a manner that responses can easily be manipulated to paint a picture that open homosexuality—which is not defined—is a neutral factor. For example, the survey asks respondents to identify the “top three factors that enable you to fulfill your mission during combat?”

“Having only heterosexual members in the unit” is one of thirteen choices. But respondents unfamiliar with the potential damaging impact of open homosexuality on combat would unlikely select that factor from among a list that includes technical capabilities, unit morale, clear objectives, and officers who lead by example.

The [Pentagon] is doing what its political masters directed—chart a path for repeal and figure out how to mitigate the inevitable consequences. The new survey and likely the one scheduled for release to 150,000 military spouses next month are purposely prejudiced by politically correct guidance that ignores contradictory evidence.

This is not surprising. Nothing, after all, can be allowed to interfere with the “progressive” agenda, even contradictory evidence.

That’s because public affirmation of lesbians and homosexuals as lesbians and homosexuals is now a political litmus test for the Left. Indeed, support for so-called gay rights is considered a sign that one is modern and enlightened. So the reality that human sexuality is a behavioral characteristic with very real and very public consequences must be ignored. Ditto the First Amendment and religious freedom. Welcome to the brave new world.

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