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Desperation: Obama Tries to Shore Up Hispanic Vote By Suing Arizona

Posted on July 16 2010 5:00 pm
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I think it’s safe to say that one of the least desirable jobs to have right now is being a Democratic political strategist. The current is against you, and a loss can ruin your career even if you faced an insurmountable tide. And boy is there a tide right now!

One of the major reasons for Obama’s declining support isn’t just that Independents are moving away from him. Support from Hispanics, a key part of the Democratic base, is declining too. John McCormack shows that the downward trend has continued even after the controversial immigration bill in Arizona was passed, which you’d think would put them back in the left-wing column.

The poll found that 74 percent of Hispanics supported Obama in April. This fell to 65 percent in March and 59 in June. Although there was a slight uptick in July to 63 percent, make no mistake about it: This is a frightening downward trend for Democrats. Especially considering the fact that they’ll need every vote they can get come November.

And so now we are hearing about immigration reform and a federal lawsuit against Arizona in an attempt to win back Hispanics and enter a new issue into the debate to relieve some of the focus on health care, spending and the deficit that has become a 24-7 negative ad against the Administration.

This is a sign of panic. When you’re fighting to shore up your base rather than win Independents  for your case and to encourage defections from the other party, you are just trying to stem your losses. That’s what losers, not winners do. Unless the Obama Administration notices that 57 percent of Americans support the Arizona bill and backs off, expect every effort to be made to bring immigration to the forefront, probably using key phrases like “reform that won’t dishonor our Hispanic community” to make the constituency feel attacked.

Yes, during 2008, pledging a post-partisan politics was all the rage–but no one ever said anything about post-racial politics!

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