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Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the iPhone 4: Enemies of the State

Posted on July 16 2010 12:00 pm

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The Left targets CEOs like Steve Jobs instead of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden

Is Apple CEO Steve Jobs a villain? Certainly not, however, personifying a successful part of the private sector makes him a target of the American Left. New York Senator Charles Schumer took a shot at Apple when he wrote an open letter to Jobs regarding the apparent antenna problem with the new iPhone4. Of course, for Big Brother, one of the largest issues brewing in our nation is a drive to stick it to Corporate America instead of focusing on a real enemy like radical fundamentalist groups who continue to rear their ugly heads in our country.

Jobs and the Apple Corporation have now become a potential enemy of the state.

Since the oil leak is capped…thanks to the fast and…speedy….work…of our government (over 85 days), we can now focus our efforts on pounding Big Business for screwing consumers, or not. While people like Schumer focus on hitting Corporate America, terrorists are plotting to destroy us. Who has killed more people, Steve Jobs or Osama Bin Laden? This is a stupid question, but Leftists constantly remind us that we have to ask.

Don’t you think a senator from New York should be representing his state by helping to stop the Ground Zero Mosque project that so many oppose? Apparently not, instead Schumer decided it would be better to look towards California to go after Apple and Jobs for their much greater threat to our nation: potential bad reception. Does the new iPhone4 have a major signal problem anyway? No, ask anyone who has one. However, leave it up to a member of the Left to argue that Apple “screwed the little guy” while remaining ignorant to all of the jobs surrounded by the making of this superior product.  In his letter to Jobs, Schumer writes:

I am concerned that the nearly two million purchasers of the iPhone 4 may not have complete information about the quality of the product they have purchased.

Well, if this is the case don’t buy the phone! Is it now going to be the government’s job to protect the consumer from Evil Corporate America? Shouldn’t they be focused on protecting us from the numerous terrorist threats to our nation? Maybe if Schumer would quit reading the faulty Consumer Reports and talk to the enormous group of people with the new iPhone4 he would realize that almost all of them are happy with their purchase. By doing so, Schumer would have saw that while Apple was selling hundreds of thousands of their new phones in the first days of pre-sale last month, our nation’s actual enemies were (and still are) trying to salt our wounds by erecting a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan. The iPhone4 isn’t trying to declare victory over New York City, Radical Islam is.

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