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Hijab Girl-Power? Islamic Gender Apartheid’s Absurd “Feminism”

Posted on July 15 2010 6:00 pm

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Wonderful news for Civilization is coming, surprisingly enough, from France.  A sweeping victory for President Sarkozy’s efforts to ban the burqa was announced by the Times:

“Calling full face veils ‘a new form of enslavement,’ the lower house of the French parliament voted 335 to 1 to ban any garment which obstructs the face.”

“No one can, in the public space, wear clothing intended to hide the face.”

Last year, the President had the courage to say of the burqa:

“It is a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement. ”

Though he wasn’t quite ready to name the real culprit:

“It is not a religious symbol.”

Those opposing the ban say that outlawing the veil is contrary to the very values of freedom and liberty Sarkozy claims he is upholding.

The use of a full-faced burqa is not a question of the subjective, individual disposition of the women wearing the burqa, but of objective imposition of the burqa on women by the religion itself.  Islam covers women because their presence in the social space is considered an ontological threat to the purity of men, whose lust can only be kept in check by the elimination of women from man’s normal realm of existence.  When serving of men requires women to invade the space of man – buying his food, for example, she must limit the extent of her disturbance of male equilibrium by covering herself.

France has the duty to refuse such a social construct as fundamentally opposed to women’s right to live in and influence society as much as men.

It is wholly to be expected that fear of social, spiritual and physical punishment drives women to comply with the Islamic Hijab ordinance.  Women who embrace Islam may initially consider their compliance to be an  independent and personal choice, but government has the right to give priority to the general protection of  women’s freedom, over the right of individual women to enslave themselves.

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