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Femisogynist Spirit: Rooting for Abortions on Prime Time Family TV

Posted on July 15 2010 3:00 pm
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Last week, before the airing of an episode of Friday Night Lights on NBC, feminist sites were gleefully discussing the fact that a teen-age character was pregnant and contemplating an abortion. They were not only gleeful, but were actively and proudly rooting for her to have the abortion and for NBC to air the episode. An example from a post at Feministing entitled “I’m rooting for an abortion this Friday night”:

In the real world, abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the country and more than a third of American women will have one by age 45 . On TV, however, unexpected pregnancies usually result in a baby without even a mention of the “A” word. If a character does consider abortion, as Private Practice ‘s Maya did last season and Grey’s Anatomy ‘s Christina did in Season 1, it typically ends with an 11th hour change of heart or a convenient miscarriage as a last-minute cop-out….

And I want all the teenage girls watching who may one day find themselves, like Becky, unexpectedly pregnant and very scared to know that they too can have an abortion and that life–and football–will go on.

Safe, legal and rare, huh? Well, rare unless you have super fun football games that you must attend. Safe, legal and rare – yet also a most common surgical procedure, with claims that one-third of all women will have an abortion? If you check the statistics, that number doesn’t actually bear true, thankfully. However, only a femisogynist would not only try to claim that one third of pregnancies end in abortion, but would also intellectually dishonestly try to spin it into a positive and an attempted rationale for an insane argument. To anyone else, that’s a devastating, horrifying and incredibly sad statistic.

But, what else can one possibly expect from the Pro-abortion rah-rah sisterhood? Earlier this year, the same site had a post encouraging women to proudly brag about their abortions:

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