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Steele Declines Buchanan’s Offer to Run as the Anti-War Candidate in 2012

Posted on July 14 2010 9:00 am

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As Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele has been an unguided missile, whose unexpected turbulence and unruly explosions have wreaked havoc with the party.

Well, it looks like, for now at least, that Michael Steele has decided not to run for president in 2012 as the insurgent anti-war candidate.

As I reported on Sunday, Steele had been implored to mount such a campaign by longtime GOP peacenik Pat Buchanan. Oh, Buchanan never explicitly asked Steele to run; however, his implicit message to the current Chairman of the Republican National Committee was quite clear:

The time for Republicans to decide on what the foreign policy of the party and a new administration should be is in the primaries of 2012. Until then, let every voice be heard, including that of Michael Steele [emphasis added].

In other words: “Run, Mike, Run!”

Certainly, Steele sounded liked the ideal anti-war candidate. After all, he had denounced Afghanistan as “Obama’s war,” while insisting that the American military effort there is destined to fail.

“One thing you don’t do is engage in a land war in Afghanistan,” Steele said. “Because everyone who’s tried, over a thousand years of history has failed.”

Of course, the United States is not engaged in a conventional land war in Afghanistan. We’re engaged in an unconventional counterinsurgency campaign. And the land war that we did engage in (back in 2001) we won rather decisively and with minimal effort and remarkably few casualties.

Oh, well. So Steele’s not much of a student of military history or even current events. But who is, right?! Steele is, though, a shrewd politician. Indeed, he can see which way the political winds are blowing (at least within the Republican Party).

And so, contra Buchanan’s advice, Steele’s now done an about-face. He’s now executing a new set of marching orders. General Steele now insists that the United States can win in Afghanistan!

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