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Progress: Schools Teaching Your 10-Year-Old Child About Anal Sex

Posted on July 14 2010 12:00 pm
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Funny, but I always thought that schools should focus on teaching our children subjects like reading, writing and math. Not so, evidently! That’s for fuddy-duddy, old school philistines. Nowadays, with those things called Progress and hopeandchange ™, our children are being taught about oral and anal sex and “fisting.” Often under the guise of abstinence programs and without the consent, or even the knowledge of, their parents.

Montana is just the latest example of where this dangerous sexploitation of your children is occurring. Included in their new proposed “health” curriculum:

By fifth grade, they are taught there are several types of intercourse, and by the sixth grade, the draft document states that students should, “Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration; using the penis, fingers, tongue or objects.”

Fifth grade. That is 10- and 11-year-olds. Sixth grade, 11- and 12-year-olds. I’m far from a prude, but I don’t care to discuss anal penetration with objects and, in fact, run screeching from my computer screen when sent to Urban Dictionary and coming across such a topic. Yet, our 10-year-old children are supposed to be able to handle such discussions? Worse, people think that they should have such discussions?

In kindergarten, the new curriculum proposes that those five- and six-year-olds know the proper terminology for body parts, such as penis, scrotum and testicles. You see, it’s far more important that they don’t use the word “pee-pee” and that they are sexually knowledgeable and empowered, at age five, than that they know how to spell their own names and count to 20.

I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising since the Obama-appointed “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings promoted fisting to fourteen-year-olds. Of course, if you disagree with Jennings, you must be a prudish homophobe. Don’t agree with the sexualization of your children and the Left’s Anti-Child agenda? You are so old school and oppressive!  Try a super cool and “empowering” demonstration of oral sex for high school students instead! That’s what happened in Tennessee earlier this year. Guess what? This was allegedly an abstinence program:

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