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Gitmo Prisoners: Lies, Laptops and Nintendo

Posted on July 14 2010 9:30 pm
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Normal Canadians want “child soldier” and “Canadian citizen” Omar Khadr to rot in Gitmo for killing an American soldier. Naturally, that hasn’t stopped the country’s elite media from wringing their hands over this most famous member of the worst family in Canada.

Ezra Levant has dissected this coverage and found it wanting. For example, he criticizes “the junior high yearbook photo that most media use (it was provided to them by Khadr’s mother — seriously)” instead of readily available pix like the one above, showing Omar Khadr putting together IEDs. As well, Levant writes:

Instead of talking about what Khadr actually did, his supporters prefer to focus on his youth — he was 15 when he allegedly threw the grenade at Sgt. Speer. Fifteen is young, but it’s not unheard of; in the First World War, Canada’s Tommy Ricketts received the Victoria Cross when he was 17.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child — hardly a right-wing document — is clear: 15-year-olds are not child soldiers. Article 38 of that treaty defines a child soldier as someone who has “not attained the age of 15” — so 14 and under.

Khadr was old enough to be in an instructional video on how to kill; he’s surely old enough to stand trial.

That Canada’s liberal media is reflexively anti-American (and especially anti-American military) isn’t surprising. What’s interesting is a new video from a Canadian conservative outlet, which could also be interpreted as “anti-American military,” but for different reasons …

American taxpayers may not be thrilled to learn from Sun TV News that Gitmo is now offering “life skills instruction” to imprisoned terror suspects, which includes training in the use of free laptops.

One prisoner is even caught on film playing Nintendo!

A depressing revelation indeed…

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