John C. Drew, Ph.D.

Willful Blindness: Rep. Brad Sherman (CA-D) Claims to Be Unaware of Black Panther Case

Posted on July 13 2010 8:34 pm
John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist who has taught American government and public policy at a few of our nation's formerly prestigious institutions.
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It looks like Rep. Brad Sherman (D) stepped into a mighty buzzsaw when he claimed he did not have any knowlege of the U.S. Justice Department’s handling of the New Black Panther party’s polling place intimidation case.  These townhall meetings just are not working out for Democrats.

Right now, I’m a resident of Orange County, CA.  Nevertheless, I grew up in the northern part of Los Angeles County.  I truly identify with the concerns of Rep. Sherman’s constituents.  For personal reasons, I was struck by the above YouTube video – newly released – of Sherman’s constituents reacting to his comments that he did not know anything about this highly inflammatory mistake.  You can hear the crowd erupt with anger.

I feel their pain.  I know that area.  My parents were raised in Glendale.  I was born in Behrens Memorial Hospital in Glendale.  I know the people in this video like they are my own relatives.

As you can see, they are largely white.  They are extremely well-informed.  They also have a vivid sense of justice and fairness.  (They are not racists as the mainstream media would like you to believe.)  They are people who think everyone should be treated fairly.  In their view, the idea that the U.S. Justice Department would not protect them against New Black Panther racists – like King Samir Shabazz – is just repugnant and completely unacceptable.

Rep. Brad Sherman won his seat back in November 1996.  At the time, it was one of the most expensive House races in U.S. history.  His comments in this video demonstrate he has lost touch with the people in his district and that he deserves to be retired – immediately.  It was silly of a Harvard Law School graduate like Sherman to pretend that he didn’t know what was up regarding the lack of punishment dished out to the New Black Panther party by the Obama administration.

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