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The Progressive Case for “Age-Appropriate” Sex Ed

Posted on July 13 2010 11:00 am

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Last November, two enterprising teachers were unjustly fired after maintenance staff saw them clearly “rehearsing” their sex ed presentation.  Linda Waite, the New York High School Superintendent, stated that Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito were found in a classroom at 8:50 p.m. “naked,” with one “on her knees” and one “lying on the floor,” reports United Press International and NBC New York.

This sort of puritanical misunderstanding is outrageous.  These two progressive educators should be commended for their innovative approach to sexual health by endeavoring to engage their students through performance art.  This is high school.  Statistics show that modern teens are indeed sexually active (ask them about those colored Jelly bracelets) and could benefit from a creative explanation of their sexual “options.”  Relax, parents.  No teacher would recommend this type of mature demonstration to, say, elementary school children.

Not that educators shouldn’t instruct their kindergarten classes in proper anatomical terminology, or first graders about sexual orientation and gay slurs, or fifth graders about various types of…penetration.   In fact, the recent hullabaloo over Helena, Montana’s new sex ed program for grades K-5 is absurd.  Anyone accusing these administrators of nefarious intent is pathologically prudish. Helena brought the best minds of the community to the table to revamp the curriculum.  I mean, they had a “committee,” and conducted an “intense review,” utilizing the…

…best practices and research-based information from state and national health organizations, Burson said, and the draft incorporates the district’s philosophy of teaching to the whole child. (Emphasis mine.)

I really don’t think you people want a bunch of six year old “half” children walking around saying words like “wee wee” and “pee pee,” do you?  Cultural nightmare!

Indeed, these officials are working tirelessly to educate the whole American child from cradle to college coed.  Sure they have some kinks to work out, like “accidentally” authorizing condom distribution to first graders in Provincetown, Mass.  Whoops!  Just a procedural error. School superintendent Beth Singer (author of the district “condom policy”) assures us that no more condoms will be available to younger children, and that the policy will be “age-appropriate”— they’ll wait until, like, fifth grade.

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