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Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies Metaphor: Striking At the Heart of Femisogyny

Posted on July 13 2010 2:00 pm
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Sarah Palin’s mama grizzly bear metaphor is the key to understanding why the left has a visceral (and vicious) reaction not only to Palin herself, but to all conservative women who are standing up, refusing to be relegated to the silent corners of oppression to which leftist feminists have worked so hard and long to relegate us.  Lori Ziganto coined the term “femisogynist” to describe leftist “feminists” who have donned the mantle of the oppressor, those misogynists that early feminists originally sought to expose and undo.  The term is not just apt, it’s brilliant.  Leftist feminists are not only anathema to women’s rights but are a danger to women everywhere because their goal is not to “give voice” to women but to herd and silence them, to “manage” them (a little like animals in a zoo).  Palin is on to them and she’s coming out swinging, as in her most recent web ad:

Palin’s evocation of today’s American woman as a mama grizzly bear protecting her cubs undermines two key concepts of femisogynist “thought”: one, that one’s gender is in any way innate, that anything associated with being a woman can possibly be inherent (the classic “nature vs. nurture” dichotomy–dichotomies are the bread and butter of leftists, who seem able  to manage only two–starkly different–concepts at once); and two, that traditional gender roles are automatically negative and must be rejected at any and all cost.  The image and idea of a woman embracing her role as mother and of that role in its turn embracing the innate desire to protect one’s children is a double blow to leftists.

These two concepts are key to the femisogynists’ ability to perpetuate a culture of victimhood and to silence people, both men and women (usually via the heavy-handed and shameless wielding of gynoguilt).

Progressives in general, and femisogynists in particular, have built a house of smoke and mirrors on a foundation of lies, distortions, and hatred.  American women may have been silent while they were setting that foundation, erecting their walls, and bricking over the windows, but seeing clearly the finished product and feeling justifiably threatened, we have become mama grizzlies, protective, fierce, and very very angry.  Enveloped in our patriotism, standing tall against tyranny, and no longer silent, American women reject faux feminism and embrace that fierce, innate protectiveness that bubbles up from the core of our being when our children–or our country–faces clear and present danger.

But the actual nail in the coffin of femisogyny is the undeniable fact that Palin is not creating this phenomenon.

Women across the country are rising up, shaking off the pink shackles of leftist victimhood, and standing at the ready to protect and defend their nation, their core beliefs, and their children’s future.  Palin, much to the Left’s dismay and alarm, is simply describing what is happening–a spontaneous, truly grassroots social movement that threatens not just this president’s progressive agenda but the very foundations that gave rise to it.

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