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Sarah Palin Offers Generalities, Not Solutions, on Illegal Immigration

Posted on July 13 2010 12:30 pm

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Poor Sarah Palin is not only getting roughed up regularly by the liberal mainstream press. Last Friday on the “O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly gave her a hard time during a discussion on illegal immigration for being too general.

O’Reilly asked Palin what she would do about the immigration mess if she were in the Oval Office, a reasonable question considering her possible run for president in 2012.  She replied in general terms that she would put as many troops as it would take on the border:

This is a top priority and a national security issue so I’d do whatever it takes. You shouldn’t give a free pass to anybody who wants to scurry across this porous border, so there would be no amnesty. We can not make it easy on those who have chosen to be here illegally and disobeyed our laws. You make them register with the federal government, and if they don’t you deport them.

These generalities on the illegal immigration problem were followed by Palin’s appeal to her “mama grizzlies”:

A mama grizzly, in a political sense, is someone who is watching what is going on that is adversely affecting our cubs, our children. There are common sense conservative women who are willing to run for office or support candidates to take this country back.

If Sarah Palin is going to lead her mama grizzlies “to take this country back,” she needs to start offering more specific solutions to tough problems like illegal immigration.

She should have talked about the number of national guard troops she thinks should be sent to the border areas – perhaps something in the order of 20,000 to match the 20,000 or so border patrol agents deployed now. She might have mentioned aggressive use of drones to spot movements of illegal aliens near the border and to alert troops and border patrol stationed in strategically positioned locations.  She could have called for re-starting the building of fences along the border, which the Obama administration has stopped in its tracks. Such fences should not only be high and sturdy enough to keep out vehicles trying to cross the border outside of authorized checkpoints, but could be electric at vulnerable points along the border.

It would have been nice to hear Palin say that her administration would immediately drop the misguided Obama lawsuit against Arizona, or at least try to reverse any result adverse to Arizona in the courts. She could have committed specifically to work cooperatively with Arizona and other border states to meet their security needs, and to commence deportation proceedings immediately against those individuals, picked up by Arizona and other states’ police, who turn out to be here illegally.

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