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A Survey of the Pentagon’s Latest Harebrained Sexual Scheme

Posted on July 13 2010 9:30 pm
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The Pentagon is home to many half-baked ideas. The bureaucracy’s latest such scheme: a “survey” of our troops to ascertain their “feelings” about open homosexuality within the ranks.

The Pentagon hierarchy has announced that it has sent a survey about openly gay military service to 400,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. Half of the military personnel being surveyed are on active duty; the other half are in the reserves and National Guard.

I’m sure our military leaders mean well, but let’s be honest: The “feelings” of our servicemen and women do not — and should not – matter to anyone. Indeed, no one in the Pentagon really cares what our military personnel think about this issue. Or they care only to the extent that they can identify a “problem” or politically incorrect “attitude,” which they intend to neutralize or remedy.

Because the truth is that the Pentagon hierarchy long ago made up its mind up about this issue: There will be openly gay military service. All that matters now is how we get there.

As such, the survey is completely useless and a waste of time. We already know, after all, that our military personnel are quite tolerant and open-minded. They could care less, by and large, if someone is gay. And even if they do find homosexuality repugnant (as most surely do), they will learn, if they must, to look past this condition. Simply put, how our military personnel “feel” about this issue is utterly irrelevant.

But what’s absolutely relevant is the introduction of an overt sexual dynamic into an overwhelming young and healthy male population. The problem with openly gay military service is that it puts the full force of law behind this dynamic, while dishonestly pretending that sexuality doesn’t affect or alter human behavior.

So sure, we’ll get a survey showing that military personnel are becoming more tolerant and indifferent to open homosexuality. But what the survey won’t show is just how disruptive sexual yearnings can be in a combat environment. The survey won’t show what happens to unit cohesion and unit effectiveness when love, lust, jealousy and passion fill the air and toy with young people’s minds.

And to understand all this we don’t need a survey. What we need is a willingness to reflect deeply upon human nature and human sexuality and their effects upon human behavior. But alas, that would be too difficult and too politically incorrect for the Washington desk jockeys, who are determined to force open homosexuality on our troops regardless of what their survey does or does not show.

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