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World Cup Bombing Inspired By Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful!

Posted on July 12 2010 8:00 pm

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Al-Shabaab Suspected in Deadly Bombings in San Francisco!

Oh, wait…never mind, here’s the real headline:

Al-Shabaab Suspected in Deadly Bombings in Uganda

Whew!  The bombings didn’t take place here, so there’s no need to worry.  And they didn’t take place in Israel, so there’s no need for the Left to rejoice.  It’s just another ole “banal homicide bombing,” to borrow the title of a book recently selected for our book club by NRB Editor, David Swindle, brought to the world by the proponents of the Religion of Peace!  

The Telegraph provides the following details:

“The explosions ripped through two bars packed with football fans watching the final moments of World Cup in an Ethiopian-themed restaurant and at a gathering in a Kampala rugby club on Sunday.  Al-Qaeda-inspired al-Shabaab militants in Somalia have threatened to attack Uganda for sending peacekeeping troops to the anarchic country to prop up the Western-backed government.”

“Uganda is a major infidel country supporting the so-called government of Somalia,’ said Sheikh Yusuf Isse, an al-Shabaab commander in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.  We know Uganda is against Islam and so we are very happy at what has happened in Kampala. That is the best news we ever heard,’ he said.”

The Jonathan Institute, an Israeli organization founded in the wake of the Entebbe Raid to help analyze and counter global Islamic Terrorism, defined terrorism as follows:

“Terrorism is the deliberate and systematic murder, maiming, and menacing of the innocent to inspire fear for political ends.”

The World Cup Bombings fit this definition perfectly.  Sixty-four innocent people went to what could have been Applebee’s or Old Chicago to watch a football match, and were deliberately, systematically butchered to advance a political agenda.

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