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The Libelous Lizard Lunatic Pays Me the Greatest Compliment Ever

Posted on July 12 2010 1:35 am
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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The discredited former-anti-Jihad-activist-turned-anti-conservative-smear-artist Charles Johnson has predictably come down on the side of pseudo conservative poseur and self-promoter David Frum and his puppet the pedophilia-apologist narcissist child Alex Knepper:

NewsReal writer [DS: writer? I’m the managing editor you washed-up hack] David Swindle responds with an unhinged post, spewing insults like a firehose: The Liar Alex Knepper Wasn’t Fired for Criticizing Ann Coulter, He Was Fired for Being An Intemperate, Unmanageable, Perverted, Impulsive, Narcissistic Child. Yes, that’s really the title.

Knepper replies to Swindle’s deranged post here: Am I a Pervert? My Reply to NewsRealBlog Smears.

“Unhinged”? “Deranged”? “Spewing insults like a firehose”? — All compliments I couldn’t be happier to receive.

My reaction: this makes my day. Every positive word that Johnson says in Frum’s favor is further support of me and NewsReal Blog‘s decision to discontinue our relationship with Knepper. It only proves my point more that Frum might as well be a card-carrying member of the Left. Why, it’s almost more delightful than anti-Semitic, former-anti-Jihad-activist-turned-anti-conservative-smear-artist Andrew Sullivan announcing that Frum and Dave Weigel will get to guest blog for him while he’s on vacation from the Daily Dish. (What greater confirmation can one get that these clowns aren’t conservatives?) It’s really Chrismas in July.

I have one single unanswerable question for the egomaniacs Johnson, Frum, and Sullivan: which is a greater threat to America’s survival, the Conservative Movement (Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Tea Parties/David Horowitz Freedom Center/Conservative Blogosphere) or Islamofascism? (Last time I checked none of these conservative entities were responsible for any dead Americans or totalitarian enclaves embedded within America.) If you answer the latter then why the hell are you spending the majority of your time and energy sabotaging and libeling the former? We’re in a war with Islamic Nazis who are preparing for the second Holocaust and you are most concerned with slandering harmless talk news personalities, a grassroots anti-big-government movement, and a motley crew of bloggers? What is the matter with you guys? Are you really that disengaged from the realities of Sharia law? Andrew Sullivan — who has been such an important influence on me with the great book The Conservative Soul — this is what awaits you and the rest of we infidels — if our Islamic adversaries continue in their stealth conquering of America — but apparently Beck and Palin are more pressing concerns:

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