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Study Shows Convicted Felons May Have Helped Al Franken Steal the Election

Posted on July 12 2010 10:00 pm
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Actual Ballot That Went for Franken

Many thought SNL alum Al Franken’s bid for the US Senate was a joke in 2008.  That was until the votes came in and there was a virtual tie between Franken and then-Senator Norm Coleman.  The contested Minnesota race took months and many legal battles before courts finally ruled Franken as their new Senator.  It now appears his nomination was not only a joke, but his election may have been pushed over the top by the illegal votes of felons.

Not surprisingly Fox News is one of the only folks out there reporting on a new finding by Minnesota Majority showing that  at least 341 votes by felons were incorrectly counted.  All of those ballots should have been cast out.  And since Democrats pull in votes by former convicts in much higher numbers, it does not take a stretch of the imagination to consider that the improper ballots may have given Franken the race.Considering Franken only ending up winning by 318 votes, that means these votes should been cast out before declaring Franken the winner and Coleman could possibly still be a Senator.

Minnesota Majority is a conservative watch dog group and did an extensive 18 month study they say cannot be denied and should be taken seriously.  The organization knows it is too late to change the election, but it would like its findings to make sure things are handled better in the future.

“We aren’t trying to change the result of the last election. That legally can’t be done.  We are just trying to make sure the integrity of the next election isn’t compromised.” – Dan McGrath, Minnesota Majority’s executive director.

Some Minnesota counties are ignoring this research while others are taking it very seriously.  Fox News reports:

A representative of the Hennepin County attorney’s office, who declined to give her name, said “there was no one in the office today to talk about the charges.”  But the report got a far different review in Ramsey County, which contains St. Paul. Phil Carruthers of the Ramsey County attorney’s office said his agency had taken the charges “very seriously” and found that the Minnesota Majority “had done a good job in their review.”

Carruthers even thinks the Minnesota Majority’s numbers of illegal votes by felons might end up being too low.

If Minnesota had more counties willing to do the hard work of research in an expedient fashion, we might not have been forced to deal with Franken today (a man most recently in the news for doodling and falling asleep at the Kagan hearings.)  However, will there be any push for change when so far no one but Fox is reporting on these findings?

November elections are just around the corner.  Now more than ever we must demand fair and accurate elections.  Problems in our country are far too serious to allow clowns to be voted in by convicts.  We need to be represented by patriots voted in by freedom loving people.

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