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A Mendacious Interview: Obama Speaks to Israelis

Posted on July 12 2010 8:00 am

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Second, both “moderate” leaders are not willing to make any meaningful concessions at all. Nor are they willing to engage in any good-faith negotiations: they still want several million descendants of the refugees to return to Israel; they dream day and night about dividing Jerusalem, and they continue airing the most vicious anti-Semitic TV shows imaginable on state television.

Obama went on: “There’s a constant contest between moderates and rejectionists within the Arab world.”

It’s a lie. And the president knows it. There is no contest between the so-called moderates and rejectionists in the Arab world since there are no moderates in that primitive, tribal, medieval, and malicious world, where hatred of Israel has been elevated to the level of true religion; where men kill each other with total abandon; children handle AK-47 from the age of six; young girls routinely undergo genital mutilation, suicide bombers are called martyrs, and women accused of adultery are stoned to death.

Next, turning to his relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Obama said the following:

The last time that the Prime Minister came here, we had a terrific meeting. It was so good that it spilled over.

Spilled over!? Where to? As far as I remember, that stormy meeting has been so “terrific” that it spilled over to the White House backyard, through which the Prime Minister of Israel was forced to walk to his limousine between smelly trash bins piled up on both sides of his path.

And, finally, responding to the question whether a peace agreement, in his opinion, can be reached in the first term of his presidency, Mr. Obama stated firmly: “I think so.”

Anyone who knows the tortuous and futile history of peace making in the Middle East, and still agrees with this statement, is either completely delusional or totally ignorant. I have lived in the Middle East for five years and my conclusion is simple: peace between Arabs and Israel could be achieved when and if (a big WHEN and a big IF) the Arab world in general ceased being primitive, tribal, and medieval, and become truly civilized and enlightened.

Which, in my judgment, won’t happen within the next couple of centuries. If Obama has even the slightest degree of knowledge about the Middle East, he knows that too.

Lie after lie, after lie: it’s what you get when you interview Obama.

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