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The New York Times’ Disdain for the Constitution

Posted on July 11 2010 12:15 pm
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by William Teach

On the 7th of July, the NY Times loved the Constitution, at least as far as Obama and Co. suing Arizona over their immigration law (which mirrors federal law) using the “supremacy clause”. But, see, there is a problem with the Left: they pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they like, often depending on the day and situation. (Note to liberals: the Bill of Rights is considered part of the Constitution. You’re welcome) Which leads to this bit of Constitution hatred from the NY Times editorial board, Internet version on Saturday, print version in today’s grand Sunday edition, a bunch of folks who don’t have the cajones to put their names on their work: The Hard Work of Gun Control

Thirteen days ago, the Supreme Court undermined Chicago’s ban on handguns by applying the Second Amendment to the states, ruling that people have a right to protect their homes with a gun. Four days after that, Chicago passed another handgun restriction that edged right up to the line drawn by the court. And on Tuesday, a group of gun dealers and enthusiasts sued the city again to overturn the new law.

Bullets are flying on city streets, but the vital work of limiting gun use has become a cat-and-mouse game. Beleaguered citizens deserve better from both sides.

Nowhere in this craptastic bit of an editorial will you find out that the majority of those bullets are flying from illegal guns by criminals, who could care less what Chicago’s, or any other cities, gun laws are. They don’t care that one couldn’t purchase a gun legally in Chicago, nor that the law allowed only one handgun per household, nor the requirement to receive training, but, not in the city limits. The only people put in danger are the citizens of Chicago. There were 50 homicides in June alone, up from 46 last year, including a police officer. If I were a betting man, I would bet that most involving handguns were caused by illegal handguns, ones owned by criminals. Harsh gun restrictions hurt law abiding citizens.

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