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Tea Party Jesus: Alinsky Rules in Overdrive

Posted on July 11 2010 6:00 pm

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The Tea Party movement has clearly made a tremendous and unexpected impact on the planned agenda of the Left, because they continue to pull out all the stops to demonize it. The Tea Party Jesus website hits a new low.

Tea Party Jesus has taken the most extreme quotes they could possibly find from talking heads and politicians on the Right and has them coming out of the mouth of Jesus, using a variety of classic illustrations. They falsely link these statements to misrepresent the Tea Party movement. Despite the fact that the quotes are not from everyday Tea Party participants, the project itself is labeled as such. Among the cherry-picked comments chosen for this site, some would have different meaning if not taken out of context (some were clearly meant as satire).

Just one example of a misconstrued quote they used is this one from Nevada senatorial candidate Sharron Angle:

We moved to the state of Nevada when I was three-and-a-half. My father bought a small business out in front of the convention center in Reno — and it wasn’t a convention center then; it was an onion field. His small business was a motel And so we did those things as a kid growing up that Americans don’t do. We cleaned bathrooms and made beds and swept floors, did laundry, those kinds of things.

This quote has been presented to indicate that she feels “above” the kind of work immigrants do, but the actual intent of what she said was that Americans, indeed, had always done those jobs previously, negating the argument that illegal immigrants are needed to fill jobs we won’t take.

Most of the hundreds of local tea parties around the nation are not politically or religiously affiliated, as would be indicated here, and many consider themselves Independents. Furthermore, Christians are human beings that say and do things that are wrong; I don’t personally know many who would claim to be speaking for God, but rather who attempt to live their faith as best they can, realizing that they are imperfect.

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