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Libertarian Commenter Wishes Violence on Glenn Beck and Beck Fans

Posted on July 11 2010 5:00 pm
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Wishing violence on this guy and his fans? Really?

On Kathy Shaidle’s post about the Black Panther Party and Glenn Beck, From someone identifying themselves as Charles Emerson III:

It is unbelievable that people pay enough attention to Glenn Beck for this to even be the topic of a blog.

The man is an idiot. It is obscene for him to hold his republican rally there on that date. Not that they should stop him…. Cause hopefully someone will show up and perpetrate some violence on those people. Anyone dumb enough to be following a talking (nearly incoherently) head like Glenn beck deserves to get slapped in the mouth if not worse. Anyone who doesn’t see that this guy is merely a product, merely a cheap crappy ware to buy from Rupert Murdoch, merely another mass manufactured empty vessel for the mind numbing message of corporate america is blind.

Anyone who sees a huge discrepancy between bush and Obama, or between beck and John Stewart, has sold their mind to the system that has evolved to subjugate them more efficently than any other in history.

I hope people get hurt at beck’s rally. I hope he never identifies himself as a libertarian again. I hope someday the lowest common denominator of American intelligence will rise enough that people won’t take stuff like fox news seriously anymore.

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