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Humiliated by NewsReal Editors, Olbermann Discovers an Easier Target: 12-Year-Olds

Keith Olbermann is a phenomenal ass. His viewers know it, his critics know it, and now a 12-year-old kid who goes by the Twitter handle @americanpenguin knows it.

After two long years of watching Countdown day after day, not missing one episode at all, I think something has gotten into this man.

For me, his decline started with the McChrystal Special Comment. Since then, he has gone down hill, especially, on Twitter.

I don’t know what is wrong with him, now, and I’m not sure I want to know. Whether it’s the fans he has on Twitter making him think he is by far superior to everyone, or if he just needs a vacation. But, what he has done…

Two days ago, I asked him if he could follow me. Not a strange request, is it? Anyhow, it turns out I misused the word “protege” in a sentence, and for that, he blocked me, and gave a rather rude reply:


Well, whatever you think of that, it hurts when you’ve been watching 2 years straight. So I posted about this on Twitter, and I got many replies that I am sure are similar to what went through your head when you read that Tweet.

If you can’t view that link because you’ve been blocked by thin-skinned Olby, here’s what he tweeted to his tween fan:

Look up that word “protege” and we’ll talk
11:24 PM Jul 8th via web in reply to americanpenguin

Yes, less than 24 hours after Keith Olbermann blocked me on Twitter for pointing out a silly spelling mistake in one of his tweets, he went after a 12-year-old child for misusing a word.  This is how MSNBC‘s modern day Edward R. Murrow treats the children who look up to him.

His excuse?  “I get more than 1000 incoming tweets a day. I don’t answer them all & I surely don’t know the ages or genders of the senders.”  That’s right, no apology, just a sorry attempt at covering his backside.

On Thursday, NewsReal editor David Swindle wrote, “This, my friends, is what Keith does with his time at midnight — snipe at his critics on twitter. What a Big Man he is.”

That was while Olbermann was still sniping at grownup critics.  Now he’s all about berating his pre-teen fans.

Classy guy, huh?

Hat tip:  Nathan Wurtzel.

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