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Death by Leftism: How to Increase Gun Homicides? Institute a Gun Ban.

Posted on July 11 2010 10:00 pm

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William Teach has a nice take on a New York Times cry-me-a-river editorial on the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold our constitutional right to bear arms. I know — allowing law-abiding people to defend their homes and lives from dangerous, gun-toting criminals is a sad day for America, indeed.

Anyway, I wanted to buttress Teach’s piece with a few facts that demonstrate the perniciousness of the Times’ position a little more fully: Quite frankly, gun bans do not work. If anything, they only leave vulnerable citizens at the mercy of aggressive, violent criminals who, as Teach says, couldn’t care less about gun bans. I don’t know how many times this argument will have to be repeated.

Notwithstanding the fact that population disarmament has routinely preceded the “greatest hits” of leftist/statist massacres (e.g. Stalinist Russia, Cambodia, the Holocaust, etc.), state-sponsored genocide is not the only reason to worry about gun bans. When the U.K. disarmed its people, crime involving handguns rose 40% in just two years. Washington D.C. provides another a prime example. As Robert Levy and William Mellor point out in “The Dirty Dozen,” the murder rate in D.C. had been declining before the city’s 1976 handgun ban, but rose sharply afterwards. Since the ban, homicide has skyrocketed a stunning 200%. Although it’s not valid to conclude that the regulation “caused” this increase, it is true that in these circumstances, when the residents of D.C. need the most protection, they are denied the fundamental right to effectively prevent criminal attacks and even their own violent deaths. This includes the poor, the elderly, and single mothers with children who live in neighborhoods where illegal gun use is a reality.

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