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Backstabber: Conspiracist Crackpot David Frum Claims David Horowitz and Ron Paul are an “Unholy Alliance”

Posted on July 11 2010 1:17 pm
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I’ve been more than charitable with David Frum.

Yes, NRB has criticized him, but I’ve permitted multiple (as in at least half a dozen) defenses by Frum Forum regular John Guardiano. We’ve also featured links to Frum Forum in our headline board — a gesture which has rarely been returned.

Personally, I’ve stuck up for Frum.  When Frum quit AEI I wrote,

Frum’s not an enemy who should be slammed like a Ward Churchill. Nor are his deviations from conservative “orthodoxy” beyond the pale — as John Guardiano pointed out last night here at NRB in a post whose general sentiments I support. A broad range of views is necessary for a healthy political movement. One ideological tendency must check another less the whole train fly off the rails.  (And that’s why at NRB we have plenty of people who do not agree on every issue.)

After John Hawkins unloaded on him at Right Wing News (a post we excerpted and linked to) I defended Frum in conversation with John, explaining that while I no longer considered Frum a conservative  I didn’t view him as an enemy to be stabbed with sharp rhetorical weapons. Why? Because he was still solid on foreign policy issues. I later expanded on my point in my Neo-Con Warmonger Manifesto:

Those who will defend Israel and fight Islamofascism are friends, even if there are disagreements on economic and social matters. (Thus, though my friend John Hawkins might hammer Frum with good reason, I cannot. I will challenge and disagree with him but I will not rhetorically throttle him as I would an enemy. He might say terrible things about Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Parties. And he might be a favorite “conservative” of Eric Alterman. But Frum’s still excellent when it comes to the most important fight of the day.

But after Frum’s radical assault on David Horowitz yesterday that’s all behind us.

I decided not to begin blasting Frum immediately. Instead I wrote a post setting the record straight on why I chose to fire Frum Forum contributor Alex Knepper. (Yes, it was Horowitz’s idea and his second request that I do so but it was ultimately my decision — had I insisted to keep Knepper then I wouldn’t have been forced. But for the reasons explained in my post I was sick of dealing with the high-maintenance, unreliable Knepper, who had only had one hit post in months.)

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