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The Real Victims of the Latest Assault on Marriage

Posted on July 10 2010 10:00 am
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A Massachusetts rulings finding the federal law banning gay marriage unconstitutional is just one more tier being kicked in on the institution of marriage. This particular tier is over health benefits for significant others. Nothing offensive about that, right?

When it comes to marriage, what’s all the fuss? We’ve been told for decades it’s just a piece of paper. It’s just an institution put in place by a patriarchal culture to keep women down. It’s the height of hypocrisy because of a sky high divorce rate. The Left has had an all out assault on marriage for about fifty years and now that it’s been beaten to a bloody pulp, they apparently want to remake it in their image.

The rub is, marriage is an ideal, something to aspire to–not to bring down to the lowest common denominator.  The real issue of keeping a wedding between a guy and a gal is not to discriminate against gays, people in love with their pets, or unhealthy relationships with avatars. There’s a point to marriage, and it’s not the dress, the flowers, or the thousand dollar cake. It’s not even starry-eyed romance.

It’s children.

That may sound surprising to some because the idea of marriage has become more about a wedding day spectacle or something to be jeered. But if you take the institution to its logical conclusion, it’s about two people of the opposite gender committing to raise children in the best possible environment. Can you top that? Really? Maternal and paternal influences–c’mon we all know how necessary this is for proper development. How many books and studies have to be written to prove it?

The latest assault on marriage is nothing new, and tragically, neither is the collateral damage.

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