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The Liar Alex Knepper Wasn’t Fired for Criticizing Ann Coulter, He Was Fired for Being An Intemperate, Unmanageable, Perverted, Impulsive, Narcissistic Child

Posted on July 10 2010 1:53 pm
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This is something that everyone considering working with Alex needs to understand. He has very creepy, disturbing ideas about sex. Initially when I brought him on board and read his application the impression I got was that he was merely a pro-sex libertine.  If that had been the case then there wouldn’t have been a problem. I would’ve appreciated some posts to balance out some of NRB‘s abstinence-until-marriage, social conservatives. But his sexual commentaries just started becoming bizarre. Alex’s Coulter meltdown wasn’t the only post he submitted that day that I rejected. He also sent a post about Miley Cyrus. Alex argued that there’s nothing wrong with looking at 14-year-old girls as sexual objects. Apparently he forgot that I told him not to submit any more crazy sex posts.

This is the writer that David Frum is getting into political bed with.

LIE: “But when Ann Coulter throws in the towel with regard to Afghanistan, that portends trouble: she has given a green light to conservative activists to abandon the war effort. The only people who can keep conservatives on the right path are conservatives.”

Alex knows that I agree that the Right needs to be kept on the proper foreign policy path. And that’s why we fight the Paulastinians and Pat Buchanan pseudo-conservatives (and why we use the same language with them as with leftists — they’re not allies.) And it’s why I was hoping to run a more toned-down version of Alex’s critique of Coulter. But you don’t keep people on the Right path by attacking them as traitors. Slamming the Left for their anti-Americanism should be done in a fundamentally different fashion than correcting Coulter for losing faith in the war in Afghanistan. (The Left and the Ron Paul pseudo-Right oppose the war for different reasons than she does.)  This is a BASIC concept. And Knepper — and Frum — simply do not get it. Or rather, they choose not to get it.

The Truth About Why Knepper Was Fired

My experience of working with Knepper has been one of continual disappointments. From the outset he showed tremendous potential. He had an energetic spirit and a unique persona. He and I could relate and connect as friends. I appreciated finding a young blogger obviously possessed of the Radical Spirit, applying his energies to further the cause of freedom.

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