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The Liar Alex Knepper Wasn’t Fired for Criticizing Ann Coulter, He Was Fired for Being An Intemperate, Unmanageable, Perverted, Impulsive, Narcissistic Child

Posted on July 10 2010 1:53 pm
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Without a conscience, the child Alex Knepper will never grow up.

Update: Click here to read my response to David Frum’s decision to dismiss the facts presented here, stand by his libels of David Horowitz, and further empower Knepper to defend pedophilia.

Update II: Click here to read our expose of Knepper’s pedophile impulses and our response after David Frum finally chose to fire him but still attack us. Click here for Knepper’s response to Right Wing News’ John Hawkins in which he admits to finding a picture he posted of children arousing and then goes on to trivialize NAMBLA as akin to Scientology and Lindsay Lohan’s acting.

I really should’ve seen this coming. Former NRB contributor Alex Knepper slinks back to FrumForum to lie about his former allies and attempt to further his own career. In other words, he’s a David Frum pseudo-conservative opportunist, not a Horowitzian conservative concerned about defending America from the Left and Islamofascism.

Let’s break down Knepper’s 3 Big Lies from his piece and then I’ll explain the true story of why I could no longer defend him being an NRB contributor.

LIE: “That didn’t fit with the blog’s mission. Horowitz is not interested in posts that take Ann Coulter to task over the war in Afghanistan, for instance.”

This is false. David Horowitz and myself are perfectly willing to publish posts critical of Ann Coulter, particularly her recent unfortunate take on the Afghanistan war. Alex knew that I wanted to run his post because I agreed with parts of it. My primary concern was just with his unhinged tone — which I already wasn’t going to permit. His headline was “Ann Coulter: Traitor.” My reason for running the post by David was to get his take on how we should deal with Coulter on the issue — which aspect of her column we should focus on.

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