Nichole Hungerford

New York City: More Blacks are Aborted than Born

Posted on July 10 2010 3:00 pm
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Racist eugenicist and Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger would be so proud:

According to the city Health Department, 2008 saw 89,469 abortions performed in New York City — seven for every 10 live births. Among black women, abortions out number live births by three to two.

These statistics from New York City more closely resemble the abortion mill culture of post-communist countries like China and Russia (who have historically devalued the worth of individual human life in favor of the collective good), than the old Clintonian mantra, “safe, legal and rare.”

I realize that many people, liberal and otherwise, are proponents of abortion choice, but the situation in New York City raises important ethical questions on the consequences of this perspective: Even if one is in favor of legalized abortion, does such a person want to live in a society in which more people are aborted than born? My guess is that most people do not. Secondly, if the answer is indeed no, how do we avoid this situation? A system which merely offers abortion as an alternative cannot discriminate between what pro-choice people deem as acceptable reasons for abortion and say, a woman who wants to use it as birth control. You have to allow them all.

The only other option is to permit abortion with other social controls. But what are they? Sexual education and services are already ubiquitous in public schools in New York City. Could we put limitations on the abortion industry? This would probably only encourage a black-market. The only solution I can see is encouraging a culture that openly views abortion as the disturbing practice that it is. Otherwise, please tell me how we can non-arbitrarily hold the simultaneous views that any one individual abortion is not reprehensible, yet having a million of them is.

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