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Neo-Communist “Inception” Actors More Interested in Trashing Cheney Than Promoting Film

Posted on July 9 2010 7:00 pm
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Well, there are always times when it’s better to ignore what celebrities do off camera if we want to enjoy their films at all (see Mel Gibson). The nut-baggery in Hollywood is out in full force again with the stars of the upcoming and much anticipated film Inception. The film is directed by the highly respected Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight) who in all likelihood will give us another great flick. Unfortunately, the film’s stars had to let their personal views bleed into the junket circuit (see video below). What happened to the real movies stars of years past? Oh yeah, they died.

What we are left with are a sad group of talented and untalented actors alike who feel that it is their duty to push their opinions when they should be promoting their film. The problem here is not that Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page have political views. What bothers me is that they are so blind to their job that they alienate most of their audience before the film comes out by spouting retread thoughts from the previous night’s Olbermann show. It’s simply not the forum for such discourse. I wanted to see Inception really bad and it would have been great to hear the actors tell us ABOUT THE FILM or about how it was working with Christopher Nolan. Naturally, that would be a tall order these days.

John Nolte puts it perfectly:

Man, I wish I’d never seen this video. I love Christopher Nolan and have been dying to see “Inception.” But goodwill matters and this Terrible Trio of Tactlessness just dropped the needle on that meter way below the half-way point.

I agree, talk about taking the wind out of my sails. Actors should learn that if we want to hear about their latest film that doesn’t translate into “tell us your views on the oil spill and let that snowball into another dimension of stupidity unrelated to the film.” Given the current state of celebrity, it’s difficult enough to get us to want to see their films because our interest is fogged by the low-rent rhetoric spewed by the starring cast all too often. I may have to wait until this is on HBO before I see it. Bummer.

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