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Jews Don’t Trust Me Because My Name is Hussein. Anti-Semitism? Or Were Obama’s Comments Written by Joe (Jar Jar) Biden?

Posted on July 9 2010 8:00 am
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I jumped when I saw the quote reported on Drudge this afternoon. “Israelis suspicious of me because my middle name is Hussein.” When I first saw it I thought Joe (whom I affectionately refer to as “Jar Jar”) Biden was filling in as a speach writer. As I began reading the article more thoroughly, I realized that President Obama’s statement was not a gaffe, but actually an articulation of his opinion on Israeli Jews. Haaretz reports:

During the interview Wednesday, when confronted with the anxiety that some Israelis feel toward him, Obama said that “some of it may just be the fact that my middle name is Hussein, and that creates suspicion.”

The implications of Obama’s statements are truly frightening. By stating that Israelis are suspicious of him because he has a Muslim name, he reveals his belief that the Jews are superficial and racist, and distrust all Muslims. If the President believes the Jews to be this petty with regard to Muslim relations, how seriously does he take the Islamic war against the Jews?

Next Obama comes out with what can only be described as an Archie Bunker-esque defense to the charge of racism, “Some of my best friends are….” The President stated:

Ironically, I’ve got a Chief of Staff named Rahm Israel Emmanuel. My top political advisor is somebody who is a descendent of Holocaust survivors. My closeness to the Jewish American community was probably what propelled me to the U.S. Senate.

Notice Obama’s use of the word “ironically.” He appears to be declaring himself benevolent for hiring someone who is Jewish. His next statement confirms what many have feared concerning the new U.S. position towards radical Islamists:

I think that sometimes, particularly in the Middle East, there’s the feeling of the friend of my enemy must be my enemy, and the truth of the matter is that my outreach to the Muslim community is designed precisely to reduce the antagonism and the dangers posed by a hostile Muslim world to Israel and to the West.

Obama clearly believes that so many Muslims are hostile to the West because of the way they are supposedly treated by Israeli Jews. That’s why he went out of his way to be nice to them when he first took office. On top of that, the President also makes it clear that he is a friend of the radical Muslims who want to wipe Israel off the map by chiding the Jewish nation-state for thinking that “the friend of my enemy is my enemy.”

We now have absolute confirmation of who Obama considers to be his friends. For those who need additional proof, here it is:

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