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New Black Panther Party to Glenn Beck: “We’ll Be Seeing You”

Posted on July 8 2010 6:00 pm
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I’d originally typed “The New Black Panther Party has been in the news lately,” when I realized that wasn’t actually the case. Only FOX News, talk radio and conservative bloggers have been pushing the story about Obama’s Justice Department dropping charges against Party members caught on tape blatantly intimidating voters at a polling station back in 2008.

Earlier this week, new video surfaced of a New Black Panther chiding African-American passersby:

I hate white people, all of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him. We didn’t come out here to play this game. There’s too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here sliding through South Street with white dirty cracker whore [ BLEEP ] on our arms. And we call ourselves black men with African garb on. What the hell is wrong with you, black man? You had a (unintelligible) with a white girl on your damn arm. You want freedom? You are going to have to kill some crackers. You might have to kill some of their babies.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck played that audio on his radio show and he and his crew joked about it at first.

Of course, Beck’s joking had a serious purpose. Unlike so many media mavens, Beck has no qualms about publicizing this racist rant. However, Beck’s bravery seems to have captured the attention of the New Black Panthers themselves.

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