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Jon Stewart: Useful Idiot for the Muslim Brotherhood

Posted on July 8 2010 3:00 pm
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Jon Stewart thinks that the outcry over the construction of mosques in places like Tennessee, Staten Island, and Ground Zero is because Christians view Islam as competition. In a segment that paints people like Robert Spencer and Steve Emerson in the worst possible light, he makes it seem like they oppose the construction of all mosques and are, as CAIR would call them, Islamophobes.

The outcry isn’t against mosques per se, as Stewart would have you believe, but the ideology spouted in these mosques. As this excellent Jihad Watch post explains, the mosques mentioned in The Daily Show segment are tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood. And as I previously wrote, the imam behind the Ground Zero mosque won’t call Hamas a terrorist group. Isn’t that the most critical part of the story?

Take two advil and watch the segment below:

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This is the point that Stewart misses: We’re talking about the Muslim Brotherhood and the unfortunate reality that many mosques house extremist literature. We’re not talking about mosques run by guys like those at the American-Islamic Congress, American-Islamic Forum for Democracy, Free Muslims Coalition, Islamic Supreme Council of North America, etc.

In airing this segment, Stewart has done the job of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in casting their opponents as simply harboring an anti-Islam agenda and a desire to suppress the freedom of religion of Muslims. Perhaps Stewart should do a little research on what Muslim Brotherhood says about Jews, particularly its top theologian, Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi. And then maybe we can discuss whose religious freedom is being attacked.

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