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RACISM: Mel Gibson May Rant But Leftist Hollywood Believes…

Posted on July 7 2010 4:15 pm
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By Leigh Scott

Apparently Mel Gibson had another racist meltdown. This time instead of blaming Jews for everything, he dropped an unfortunate “N-bomb” while berating his Russian baby mama. This is sad.

It’s sad because Mel Gibson clearly has some issues. Racism is probably one of the least of his problems. His taste in women and failure to understand the limitations of public life appear to be even more dramatic than his resentment of women, homosexuals, and minorities. He’s an immensely entertaining actor and a truly gifted director. Whenever true talent is stifled by human limitations, the entertainment consuming public loses.

What is truly tragic, not just for Mel, but for all of us, is that the mere utterance of a single word has become the death knell for entire careers. By merely speaking the word n***er (see, I can’t even type it), either in anger or jest, one can find themselves ostracized from society.

Simple laws of supply and demand teach us that the less of something there is in the world, the more valuable it becomes. The same can be said for words. By making something taboo, we give it power. If we really want to rid the world of hurtful and demeaning buzz words, we should use them excessively, but in a different context. We should all adopt the use of the word enjoyed by rappers for decades. If calling somebody a n***er was a signal of trust and affection, future generations would scoff at the true etymology of the term.

More disturbing is the fact that everyday, in politics, entertainment, and media many very well established and influential people utter statements far more racist and dangerous than anything that Mel Gibson can spew. The “soft bigotry of low expectations” is far more evil and insidious. This dangerous, active racism is an epidemic on the political and social left.

Read the rest at Big Hollywood

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